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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 11th August

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Creativity, passion and unleashing your feelings towards your partner. Every single day should be like this! Let yourselves go with unbridled passion and intensity...

Blood will start boiling through your beings, you're in the mood for love and ready to enjoy the pleasure of getting intimate with your partner. Fortunately, the other member of your couple will want to play games too. Especially if they're a fellow air sign.

If you're on the hunt or just getting interested about someone, you'll be good friends before starting the romance. There's many open doors under this star arrangement!


Today you'll have a bit of an unusual focus. Something that couldn't be solved at first will be obvious to your mind. Aquarians, this is your natural wit, which will be very much alive thanks to the energy from Mercury which is ready to pour down all over your day.

Be very careful not to forget basic rules, because that could lead you down a mistaken path. Even so, the stars point out it's best to take risks, because you'll know how to gracefully solve sticky situations.

You'll encounter unexpected sources of income. They're very likely to be related to sales and communications. Small one-time jobs related to these fields of expertise will be beneficial.

The least expected of contacts could bring you some seriously good news. If you're looking for a job, you'll be the first candidate in mind for the position you're applying to. Congratulations, Aquarians!


Don't think twice or even once, it's time for a getaway! No matter if you're going to another city or into the countryside, you'll see beautiful landscapes to feed your soul. Walking through natural routes will bring you inner peace.

Share with your loved ones part of your time. Now that your day will be less packed, it would be perfect to share your bliss with your loved ones.

If you're ill, the protective influence of the stars will be on your side. Risky surgery interventions will proceed smoothly with no complications.