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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Aquarius Prediction for this Coming Monday 13th August

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Monday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have a crush on someone who unfortunately is already dating. Still, the stars confirm they're actually not that satisfied in their current romance anyway.

But this doesn't mean you should go to extreme lengths to make things grow bad or foul between them. That would be mean, and it's certainly not the best way to kickstart your own love story.

Let the person you're interested in make their own choice. After a fair length of time, you could ask them if they really are willing to date you. It'll all be okay, as long as you always prove you're understanding of their situation, Aquarians.

This is one of the traits that makes you the most attractive to their eyes, and it sets you quite far apart from their current partner. You should keep your mind open, more than anything else.


Be a little patient, because that drowsiness you're going through will eventually fade. As the day goes on, you'll feel you're working harder and better.

Mondays can get pretty tough, especially because you love enjoying and living life to the fullest when you're not at work.

Change your mindset, because you could do truly important things today. Yes, society is appreciative towards what you've been doing so far, even if it isn't initially compatible to your life goals.

If you're there, it's because you need to learn about certain things in life. Everything will make sense later on, so be patient...


Amidst all the noise, you'll manage to find inner peace and quiet. You'll blossom like a flower in the desert against all adversities. Your inner world is rich and beautiful. Be thankful to life for making you who you are now.

Don't waste your intuition and whatever internal knowledge you reach today. In the middle of just another day, your soul will become enlightened.

Pair these reflection times with a fulfilling activity. Painting mandalas, or even setting things back into order, will help you enter a calm, peaceful mental state.