Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You'll share your partner's interest in improving and restoring your careers. Maybe you left them aside for a while to devote time to each other, but now you're both in need of more independence.

This time, your partner will be an ally rather than an enemy or barrier. Decisions about new career tosses and turns will be supported and quite welcome.

Under Pluto's influence in a positive aspect towards Neptune, you'll both unleash hidden habits and trends, but in a good way. You'll be able to change what you don't like thanks to the other person's influence.

You're not exactly feeling fully amorous right now if you're single, so you won't miss it that much anyway. You'll be fully focused on your loved ones (family, friends...).


You're entering a time of determination and optimism, and you're definitely not willing to get "no" as an answer. That's wonderful, Aquarians! Your willpower will be stronger than steel.

The creative imagination, intuition and sensitivity you usually display in other areas of your life will now become more present and obvious at work.

The best jobs for native Aquarians are those related to cooperation in artistic and psychological activities and endeavours.

But in this brand new adventure, you need helpful people around. The partner you choose for that passion-inducing project needs to be quite the expert in whatever area you're working on.


Do you have allergy, asthma or any other breathing issue? Then, you shouldn't dry your laundry inside the house any longer.

Humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, and it attracts dust and dirt as well. That could be the reason behind your weakened immune system and the constant itch and rashing on your lunghs, Aquarians.

If you can't get this situation sorted out with a tumble dryer, at least there's other techniques you can try. If you give each piece of clothing enough breathing space, you'll make your laundry get dry much quicker, Aquarians.