Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



There's winds of change blowing into your relationships. The current planet arrangement suggests it's time for you to objectively analyse your relationships.

You're coming from a drowsy period, like a seed that's inevitably going to flourish and bloom. Everything was sort of indifferent to you until now.

You understand it's easier to progress if you surround yourselves with people who also want to move on and progress in their lives.

You may feel tempted to let everything sort itself out, but this isn't too good. Even if you haven't seen results just yet, you need to act and bring the change yourselves.

Now that your goals are clear, you'll overcome these complex feelings and emotions of yours, and they'll be left aside once you choose to get out of your life anything that stops you from growing.


Since that new employee arrived at the company, everything has been turned upside down. They pretend to change what's been done so far. Besides, you don't like them all that much anyway and you'd rather keep the distance.

In this case, what's best is to have an impartial attitude. Their knowledge and skills could bring something positive to the company and you'll be able to learn and absorb important lessons. Watch and learn from them, and keep a humble perspective about it.

Today your personal finances will finally get balanced. Money isn't overflowing, but you're not in desperate need of it either. If you're looking for a job, you'll be able to have a decent life thanks to those savings. Be patient.


You're on a good health track, Aquarians. You're lucky enough to wake up in the morning and be ready to seize the day.

But still, be very careful with the decisions you make today. Planets won't be too much in your favour as far as health is concerned.

Without being fatalistic, get out onto the street and follow your routine as usual, but don't forget the stars' advice and avoid letting yourselves go with quick whims. Find something fun to do from a healthy perspective, not just for the sake of getting a thrill.