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There's people in your life whom you'd love to get away from.Unfortunately, you can't get rid of them!

Relatives you have to put up with in family gatherings, common friends in your social circle that you don't really like, or even your in-laws.

All of them have one thing in common: they show behaviours you don't like. No matter how tolerant you are, it's perfectly understandable that there's limits to your permissiveness.

But sometimes you need to understand that those people are there for a reason. The universe is clear on this: accept and embrace the parts of your personality that you tend to repress and keep in.

Sometimes you can be as annoying as that friend of a friend you can't stand, as moody as the relative you criticise so much, and as authoritative as your in-laws!

Develop a sense of compassion and you'll stop interpreting their behaviours as something close and personal. You'll understand yourselves and others better, Aquarians.


You're not motivated by the same things others are. Your concerns usually go beyond that. You often feel misunderstood, like you're not really fitting in at work. These feelings are quite typical in native Aquarians.

Instead of looking at what's keeping you away from others, find what you have in common. We're all human, and at some point, we all think nobody thinks the way we do.

Once you change your attention focus, you'll get great allies with which to do great things. You'll become stronger if you're part of a team, rather than going solo.


Are you doing what's best for your health? Just because others don't appreciate their lives or have respect for themselves doesn't mean you should do the same.

Letting go is okay, but being irresponsible comes at a cost sooner or later.

Those who accuse you of being an "old soul" because of the way you think are those that will regret not having a healthy attitude in the future when they were young.

Your lucky star will be there your whole life as long as you behave in accordance of your own values and principles, Aquarians. Be true to yourselves!