Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Today you'll bring out your most innovative, playful side, Aquarians. The planets will activate that characteristic Aquarian side of yours, with the extra of not annoying anyone. In fact, your antics will be seen as funnier than usual.

This can turn into some bed fun with your partner. You'll also discuss some delicate issues that you'll face with a positive perspective. Anything goes! You'll know how to get it right one way or another.

The grudges you could hold against friends or close relatives will fade away instantly, because you'll heal wounds from the past. It won't take long for those who hurt you unfairly to apologise.


Strategy changes will work the way you respected. Planets are in your favour and you'll be able to carry out any changes you need. Changing implies letting what isn't useful rot and wilt, and that's always scary. But not for Aquarians!

Your business has a chance to skyrocket thanks to your brave performance, or you might get away from a layoff that looms over your head because of your wits.

Wit will be on your side and get you out of any trouble that may come up. But still, don't be too trusting and look for neutrality.

However, the law is what it is, and in this case, you won't be able to do anything to avoid getting a fine. This is a hit from karma straight into your wallet! You have to admit that you could have behaved a different way, Aquarians.


Your day ahead is kind of hard, so you should measure your strength. Running out of energy would imply wasting valuable time.

It'll be a good choice to take small breaks from whatever you're doing. Holding on for too long while doing a task is too bad for Aquarians. You need new stimuli.

Plan a trip if you can. Because of this change of environment, you'll get wonderful ideas that will help you improve your life.