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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 9th August

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Love is okay, but only to enjoy it in your free time. You really do think that way, and it's hard to lie to yourselves. Many times, it's as if you Aquarians came from a far away galaxy. You're so independent, you can't understand unjustified time wasting.

You put reason above feelings, but that doesn't mean you're bad. It's just that your interests and preferences lie elsewhere, in other far-off goals.

Still, you have to admit that that person brings happiness into your life. If you want them to stay around, you'll have to try a little harder.

Today they'll remind you just how much they do for you. They'll have a lovely gesture that will completely melt your icy heart, Aquarians. They're not asking for anything in return; just let yourselves be loved!


Your ability to be selfless is what will bring you into reaching your expected goals. You have a bit of a tough day ahead, but you can fight through that and so much more. You have vision, and that motivates you to keep going no matter what it takes.

Money will cling and spin around your pockets; you're at a safe financial standstill right now. It's time to invest into items and goods that will become valuable over time. You'll increase your luck if you start helping yourselves from this exact moment on.

The stars advise you to be slightly cautious with these financial transactions and with money-based operations in general. Don't let appearances fool you. Get properly informed about the real value of your purchases, Aquarians.


Thanks to the good influences you've had lately, you will completely forget about your former lifestyle. You'll learn to see life under a new light. You're at a stage of change and you have enough enthusiasm to start a renewal process, both on the outside and the inside.

You'll get quite fruitful help to analyse, cleanse and start on a new path. You could get interested in a brand new sport and find really good friends there.

Even if this help feels like it fell right from the sky, don't forget that the choice to have a healthier life is something only you can make. No one else has that responsibility.