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You will experience a week of reflection where you will realize all the growth your relationship has done over the years. The complicity you two share now stands no comparison to the awkward silences from the beginning. You both know how to respect each others' time and space. 

Perhaps the only downfall is the dwindling passion, which is a consequence of the passing of time. 

One successful way of reigniting that fire, Aquarius, is to introduce mini challenges in your day to day life. Suggest new ideas for activities that could help strengthen your bond during this week. 

The single natives of this sign have high chances of discovering love during this weekend. You'll have the opportunity to meet fire signs, such as the Sagittarius, who has incredible compatibility with you!


This will be an incredibly productive week for you, Aquarius. Your mind will be focused entirely on your tasks which can only yield good results. Without succumbing to arrogance, you'll know exactly what to do at any given time to be effective. 

Unfortunately, your concentration bubble will probably burst this Tuesday when you'll have to do some public speaking. Fret not Aquarius, you will perform well, and your nerves will be short-lived. 

You could come across new job possibilities that will distract you from your current employment. You could be quite happy in your present job but seeing how you're an Aquarius; you always strive to accomplish new and better things. Weigh your options and if it's not the right decision, put your 'new job' fantasies to rest. 

Nevertheless, if you're an unemployed Aquarius, Magic Horoscope reassures you that because of your excellent intuition you'll choose the best job offer out of all the available ones. 


This week you'll be experiencing headaches and it could be because of your old friend, high blood pressure. Don't you think it's high time you went to the doctor? As a precautionary method, you can start decreasing the amount of salt you ingest daily. 

Ginger, aside from being an incredible natural diuretic, can help alleviate any stomach problems which are very common in Aquarians. 

Beware of bad influences as this week the stars predict the presence of someone who will try and corrupt you into following their seedy habits.  

You are free to mingle with people from all walks of life but use your best judgment when it comes to being influenced by them.