Aquarius January 22, 2020

20 Jan - 18 Feb

Prediction of January 22, 2020

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Your prediction for love speaks of a growing interest in your internal processes that, although they don't eclipse your romantic interactions, they do put love in the background. This won't harm your relationship.

Regarding your family, you'll feel more eager to approach older people in a much more empathic way and you'll want to understand their circumstances.

Aquarius singles will have to be careful not to generate conflicts with friends or siblings because of the ego. It's better to let your heart speak in disagreement, not your ego. Check your priorities.

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The finances of the natives of Aquarius today are going quite well. In fact, the stars will be in very favourable positions to invest in real estate, land or even works of art.

Regarding work and your career, you need to communicate your ideas with enough coherence and clarity if you want to be taken into account. You're likely to have the opportunity to achieve great goals today.

Freelance natives should keep track of the way they work as well as their accounts if they want to be prosperous.


As for your health, today you'll be more worried about your internal balance because your body feels well. You should meet your physical and emotional needs if you want to improve your health Aquarius.

On the other hand, today you'll feel how your wisdom guides all your steps. This will bring a number of very positive changes to your life, as changes always occur from the inside outwards.

Finally, keep in mind that there will soon be a new moon, which is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and make your most desired goals happen.