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11 Celebrities with the Aries Star Sign

Impulse, charisma, and intensity: it’s tough to become a celebrity without the boldness of this fire sign

Thinking of those born under this sign reminds us of intensity in human form, the passion, and the inspiring charisma of a leader. Aren’t all of those qualities of the celebrities that we admire most? They are! That’s why we’re going to introduce you to 11 famous Aries that, if you share this sign, you’ll have more in common with than you might have imagined.

11 Celebrities with the Aries Star Sign

Let’s start our list!

1. Jessica Chastain

We start out our selection of famous Aries with the stylish redheaded actress, Jessica Chastain.

She’s the protagonist of the new release “Molly’s Game” and transmits the strength and energy characteristic of her sign just with her impressive presence as a strong woman that’s sure of herself. A great example of an Aries woman.

2. Steven Tyler


You’ve just got to take one look at the singer Aerosmith in action to understand his unique personality and to see the fire burning inside of him. Only an Aries would be capable of combining hard rock with the passionate lyrics of his songs.

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

This Victoria’s Secret Angel isn’t just one of the best paid top models in the world because of her pretty face and spectacular body. You need to be fierce and have the right personality to transmit so much with your very presence. Because of all this, we know we’ve got a genuine woman and perfect representative for famous Aries on our hands.



4. Kristen Stewart


Since she first stepped foot into Hollywood, this young actress has shown the camera her strong magnetic temperament, in whichever role she plays. Along with her determined personality, that’s characteristic of this sign, she’s also put her foot down when she made a declaration asking the press for privacy in her personal life.

5. Victoria Beckham

Whatever challenges may be before her, facing them like a good Aries won’t be a problem this celebrity. This woman is unstoppable and she is constantly going for her next goal as if it was the only important thing in her life. However, she’s triumphed many times, as a singer, model, and also as a designer. And that’s why a woman like Victoria Beckham is a great example of a famous Aries, with perseverance and inspiration.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

An intense life is perfectly logical company for someone who has turned their intensity into virtue and profession. As seen in the roles played by this famous actor, he takes on this determined and intense personality, that we’ve come to associate with Aries.

7. Elle Macpherson

Another supermodel that proves that Aries is a great example when it comes to being sure of one’s self, known worldwide as “The Body”, is Elle Macpherson. This woman’s fieriness is wrapped in the sensuality of her poses and walk and she’s still going at over 50 years of age.

8. Lady Gaga

The spark of this fire sign is the essence of her originality. Beyond music, Lady Gaga has a charisma that has helped her to lead the masses as few others do. This element of fire, that famous Aries are known for, is what brings the inspiration to life for her and everyone else that enjoys her songs and shows.

9. Keira Knightley

Although she’s young, this British actress has played a wide variety of roles throughout her career. However, in all of them, she’s shown her talent and will to succeed. Expressive, passionate, and intense. Kiera is very much an Aries.

10. Jim Parsons

To play a character like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, you’ve got to be much more than just courageous. Like all famous Aries, you need to be inspired and to have a great sense of humor. Jim has both of these traits.

11. Quentin Tarantino

Artists express their deepest most personal essence in each of their pieces of creative work. From literature to painting, or music… Who would doubt that any one of this director’s films had an intense Aries behind it all? Obviously, Quentin Tarantino is one of the best examples of the charming Aries, and so, we close this list with him.

Did you realize that all of these celebrities were Aries?