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Aries Prediction for 10 December

Your Horoscope for Monday
Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



One thing is that you start a diet, and the other is that you force your partner to follow it as well.

This Monday your sky suggests that your love story is getting skinny because nobody is feeding it in a proper way.

Tensions will be present today and the days to come, and they will become stronger and more uncomfortable. You will have to stop, think, and talk on many occasions.

Unless you do want your romance to starve to death.

Aries who are single, you will have plenty of chances of going on a date. However, friendship will be the star that shines the most today.


Those natives of Aries that work as marketing intermediaries, beware.

The stars foresee disagreements in your life, especially with clients. Try to be resolutive with your words before the situation gets any worse.

The God of Commerce, Mercury, will prevent you from hurting someone who is around you, and the Sun will warm you with its rays so that you see new paths to take.

As far as your daily economy is concerned, your finances are growing, and the stars will give you more confidence to make budgets.

Also, try to be more generous with the people around you. Some of them have to tighten their belts, and some help would be great for them.


This Monday your greatest treasure should be your vital energy, the one that helps you enjoy any minute, searching for magic in every corner.

Fate will place some toxic people on your way, those that need to be full of complaints to be content with their lives. They will try to steal your strength and your will to live with their pessimism.

Just as if they were vampires, use an imaginary crucifix and some garlic to prevent them from getting any closer to you and keep them as away as possible.

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