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Aries Forecast for December 11

Aries Magic Horoscope for Tuesday
Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Yesterday the Magic Horoscope told you that you have to feed your relationship, and today you have to keep following the same advice.

These things don't fix in only one day, just like a car can't be fixed in 24 hours after an accident.

It is time to deal with the situation so that harmony comes back to your home. Nothing is impossible.

And if you perceive bad vibes flowing around you, don't hesitate to burn some rosemary so that the bad energy goes away and it doesn't bother you for a while.

Those who are single, don't be fooled by those who call themselves 'hypnotizers' and that control your will the way they want. It is really not worth it.

You will live a dream full of promises that will always wait to be done, and that will never happen because of another person's influence.


We are considered lucky if we fall in love. Goddess Fortuna is not precisely focusing on you, Aries. She is even ignoring that you are alive.

Make sure that all economic challenges that you carry out today are solid, and that there is no risk and no surprises. Don't let your economy at the universe's mercy.

Also, Mercury's current position in your sky points out that you will tend to get tired, especially if your ideas aren't clear enough. Be careful, or the train could derail.


Your potential is very powerful, but your shyness and lack of confidence make it invisible to others.

Break the ropes that keep you tied only because you allow them to. Raise your voice and show your grandeur.

Within you, you will find the antidote to your existential confusions that blind you and poison you. You will leave your doubts and fears behind.

Your muscles will be today likely to suffer contractures, but there is nothing to fear, for there is nothing that alfalfa can't cure.

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