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Aries Magic Horoscope for December 13

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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Who used the Ouija board to awaken the spirit of the dead? It looks like you're going to need an exorcism to get them back into the beyond!

It's not like it's Halloween night, Aries. But an ex with who the relationship did not end well, will come back to your life for a second chance.

You'll hear promises of change, of having learned the lesson from their own mistakes, and a thousand more arguments.

Can what used to be unfixed work today? Most likely not, but many Aries will be seduced by this promise of love.

The problem is that when you get hurt, nobody will want to hear your screams, because you should have already learned your lesson.

Discrepancies between parents and children will be common today. Good luck with everything you will have to deal with!


With such an astral picture for love, it is possible that your mood is somewhat irritable. But do you know what happens?

That the stars invite you not to go shopping if you are angry or if you are sad because you will get carried away and spend more than you can afford.

In fact, if you learn to negotiate you may get to buy items with discounts.

Mercury, the God of Commerce, will help you in that sense. Now your economy doesn't look that bad, does it?


Diseases don't differentiate between social classes, Aries, or how much money one has in the bank.

Try to learn more about healthy habits to break down prejudices that society has established, and at the same time look after your own well-being.

Take care of the mucous membranes of your body. The Magic Horoscope foresees something malfunctioning within you that may cause this problem.

Make sure that they are in their correct levels of humidity, and thus their protective capacity will be adequate, and you will avoid bleeding or pains.

Pay special attention to your nostrils.

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