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Aries Horoscope for 7 December

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What is going on in your partner's head, Aries? Do you feel that s/he is avoiding you and that can't even look at you in the eyes?

According to the Magic Horoscope, this is a bad omen. Today some bonds could break, even if you have been together for a long time or you just started your relationship.

It will be difficult to balance the scale, so you will have to manage to deal with the situation the best you can.

Does breaking up have to be a trauma? The answer is no. You can even face it as a new challenge that life offers to you.

Yes, this is very poetical, but we know that nobody dies of love nor by having a broken heart.


Jupiter influences the way you do business, and has an advice for you, especially if you are in charge of a company.

Be more benevolent, take care of your team and stop fustigating them.

Nice words, smiles, and good manners get better results than threats.

Even if the day seems to be prosperous, don't undervalue people's advice, especially from people that have been both successful and miserable in life.

They are the ones who know the most and the ones that can give you better advice and tell you which path to choose.


Do you remember what you dreamed last night? Try to write down in a notebook the memories you have when you wake up.

Your body is sending you a sign to warn you that there is something that is not working well. The key is in the opportunities that Morpheus gives you at nights.

Likewise, it is possible that after a delicate period you will recover your energy and vitality if you discover what is it that is not functioning properly.

Your defense mechanisms will work again in an effective way, which is good news.

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