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Here's a recommendation for Aries from the Magic Horoscope: don't haste, but act with determination.

This should be your aim in love if you are single.

Therefore, you will be able to avoid the traps that you will find in the way. The rose you long for has plenty of thorns.

But this also works for those who are in a relationship and that are living a love crisis.

Or even for those who have just broken up with someone and that didn't really want to.

The key is that you are not on the defensive. That attitude will also worsen things for you.


Your domestic economy is not at its best moment this Saturday, at least that is what the Aries sky says.

Make sure that this doesn't affect your professional life. Establish a barrier between your personal life and the rest.

The stars point out that you will have to lend some money for a group project or similar.

Don't hesitate to ask for it back when it's the right time. Some people are too cunning and will try to make a profit of the situation if you don't fight for what is yours.


You may be feeling dizzy today, Aries. Don't do risky activities or extreme sports. Also, fixing things at home that put your health at risk.

Don't worry, if you keep feeling dizzy as days go by, go to your doctor.

It may be an infection in the ear, where our sense of balance is, as a result of a cold or any other illness.

Have you been having nightmares lately? Try placing a piece of coral under your pillow.