Aries Daily Horoscope
Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The Aries' sky stars are a bit messy today. You'll tend to make your partner feel guilty for your own frustrations.

Don't pretend that your partner is something s/he is not. Your other half won't be an improved version of what you are and have.

Your opinion is very important to your partner, but don't make the mistake of telling him/her what to do. Freedom is key in a relationship.

Avoid comparing your current relationship with your former one(s). That brings no good to your relationship.


Your consumerism levels are higher than ever due to Mercury's bad influence in your economy.

Your mind will be a victim of the marketing techniques, and you run the risk of seriously considering if you need the items that you see everywhere, which, by the way, won't improve your life at all.

Be strong, and realize that those are just strategies that are designed to fool you and make you feel like you need what they are selling.

Also, try to remember past experiences. How many times did you buy something that you ended up not using?

At work, take care of the way you say things, especially if you work directly with your customers.

There is a chance that today you may lose your nerves and end up saying something that you will regret later.


This Friday looks like the perfect day for you to do some introspection.

Try to know yourself better and be aware of your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings.

Don't hide in the past. The past no longer exists, and you have to live in the present.

Meditation will be very helpful today, but the important thing is that you don't feel guilty, but start changing instead.