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Your love relationship will get more interesting than ever, and will be your priority. Today the Magic Horoscope points out that you are going to need your other half more than ever.

If you ever disagree it will hurt you very much. You will choose to ignore the scar and hide in your emotional shell, as if nothing ever happened.

The thing is that it did happen, especially inside your head and your soul. 

If you don't act soon, the wounds can get bigger, and the consequences will be worse in the end.


You will have an internal debate concerning your job. Do you have to catch the person that is taking merit for your work, or let time do its work and that everybody ends up finding out that this person is a fraud?

That is the question that will be wandering in your head, for that person that is supposed to be your friend is actually someone who is trying to steal your ideas and pretend they are his/hers.

It is a complicated situation because you never know if that person has more friends to give him/her support than you.

However, remember David and Goliath: the hero beat the monster with a premeditated, precise blow.


Your energy is a bit low, and you consider the problems of the people around you as if yours.

However, do you know if the people you care so much about do the same with you? Who is helping you in times of need?

In order to cleanse the bad vibes that are flowing around you, try to have the time to take a relaxing bath with warm water, bath salts, and rose petals.

Leave your mind blank, enjoy the warmness of the water that is embracing you, as if you were a baby inside your mother's womb.

When you are done taking that bath you will feel as if you were born again. You no longer carry that weight upon your shoulders.