Aries Horoscope for 22 November

Your Forecast for Thursday
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Your partner needs to understand that it's not that you don't feel like cuddling and doing cute stuff together. It is just that you are having a hard time trying to find enough time to do it.

You are very dispersed lately, and your thoughts are far away from him or her, even if you are looking at each other in the eyes.

Even if you try to give all of you, the stars foresee that it will be difficult, not to say impossible. The only thing you can do is make sure that your partner understands your situation.

What is the good part? It is something temporary, and it won't be happening a lot. You will soon regain your shared happiness.

It will be complicated for those who are single in the love field too. Don't expect to have a first date with someone special.


Your household economy won't be as good as you expect, and it is just normal that you are constantly thinking in ways to improve it.

This Thursday, the stars are giving you a hand to find a second job that helps you earn some extra money.

However, the stars are also warning you that you have to stay away from second-hand articles. Their sentimental value will make you regret later, especially if we are talking about family jewelry or inherited pieces of art.

Also, this kind of items usually have the same value over time, so you better keep them for times when you really need the money.


Your behavior also influences your physical state, so be careful today.

If you are too stressed, just postpone the events that you have today that involve being nervous.

Plan a quiet day, and you will see how your wellbeing improves, and your mind clears. You are too overwhelmed lately.

Make an effort to have the right position when you are sitting in front of the computer. You could end up with neck or back pain.