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Stay positive! That's the key to spend a nice Saturday when it comes to love.

And don't think too much about what is wrong between you and your partner. It may seem a lot, but it really isn't important.

Get rid of all the negativity in your head, and force yourself to see the bright side of life.

If you do it, you will have a great day, especially if you are not in a relationship but there is someone special in your life.

Dreams do come true. However, it doesn't happen magically, but because we force it to happen.


Your generosity may be a problem this Saturday, Aries, and your accounts won't be the only ones having negative consequences.

According to Mercury's position, you will have to deal with people who are close to you (relatives, friends...) that will not appreciate your generosity.

Don't let yourself go by rage, control your emotions.

Let this be a lesson for the future: people who are not grateful, should not deserve your altruism.


Whenever you go to a restaurant you see great dishes that you love, but that you never try to cook at home.

Why don't you try to freeze some lemon and then grating it in your dishes?

It will make your dishes fresher. Also, it is perfect for salads or you can even add it to water and make a wonderful homemade lemonade.

In addition to stimulating your palate, you will be providing your body with vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant.

And if you are one of those Aries that are partying this Saturday, try not to drink too much alcohol, and try to have a glass of water after every drink. This is a great tip to deal with hangovers the following day.