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The Magic Horoscope doesn't see any planets that will interfere in your love life, Aries.

That is good news, huh? So no emotional thunderstorm will affect you today.

Seize this calm period to get closer to your significant other, especially if you have had arguments lately.

Those who are free and single, the stars suggest that you also get closer to the person you are interested in. However, don't make any moves until you are 100% sure that your feelings are reciprocated.


Sunday is the day that we associate with leisure and free time, and that implies spending money, right?

It doesn't necessarily have to be like that! Make an effort to find ways of having fun spending little money (or none!).

For example, if you want to enjoy watching a movie, you can go to the library. Apart from books, you can also borrow movies to see at home.

Or you can always borrow a novel and go read it to the countryside, laying on a blanket, in contact with nature.

Also, if you take a look at the Internet, you will find some last-hour tickets to amazing shows, and some museums that are free on Sundays.

If the last day of the week is boring is because you don't do anything to put a remedy to it! You have plenty of options, so don't be lazy and look for solutions.


In theory, there is nothing to fear concerning your health, although if you are prone to suffer from allergies, you could experience some problems.

There are plenty of remedies that are sold in the pharmacy that help treat the symptoms of allergy, but they will also make you feel sleepy.

If you are allergic to pollen, a very simple tip is to rinse your face with water several times a day so that it doesn't accumulate.

Also, always try to go to bed to the same hour, nor earlier nor later.