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Are you ready for action? The Magic Horoscope points out that you won't have a quiet day in love matters, Aries.

Uranus is messing with your relationships, according to the astral position.

On one hand, your sky points out that some couple won't be able to help to be the victims of unhealthy jealousy.

Be careful with giving free rein to your imagination, for it could wreak havoc that you will regret later.

On the other hand, those Aries who are single need to listen to this advice: don't haste and relax when it comes to moving forward with that special one.

Hearts are not medals that one wins, so control your obsession for getting to that person's heart.

Even if you think that the battle is won, you'll be surprised to know how much is left to fight.


In order to improve your economic situation, you will have to resort to more financially profitable activities.

In spite of this, you will have big expenses to face, some of which are unexpected and could be related to your car or to some essential appliances, such as the washing machine.

So you'll have a lot to do to improve your home comfort, and you'll have to break down budgets rigorously and exquisitely.

Money issues will, unfortunately, make you anxious, and this may interfere with the way you work, as you will not be able to do your best.


Take good care of your eyes, Aries, and don't be tempted to buy beautiful, cheap sunglasses that could damage your retinas.

You should include carrots into your diet, for their consumption is very beneficial for the eyes.

It reduces the prevalence of cataracts in both men and women, especially those that are darker. Also, they are perfect to have as a healthy snack.

Apart from that, there is nothing to fear and your health will be perfectly fine.