Aries Magic Horoscope for November 3

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Even if it is Saturday, it is not an easy day for you, Aries. You are suffering from a major individualism crisis that can shake your relationship.

This may present some danger that you have to deal with. Don't let your nerves and your visceral self over common sense.

If you need some personal space to be with yourself, show your significant other that you are not losing interest and it is something occasional.

If you live alone, you are not in the mood for falling in love. You prefer exploring your psyche.

Be careful especially if you have a crush for a co-worker —which is very likely to happen to Aries. Today is not the right day for you to tell that person how you feel.


In money, finances, and work, your honesty and your straight way of saying things will cause misunderstandings with those around you.

Watch out before you speak if you don't want to give more explanations that you'd like to, for you could never end doing so.

If you have secret businesses that nobody knows of, be careful because you never know when that situation could change.

Control your personal belongings, for you could lose your purse, your wallet or your phone. Your mind is a bit disperse, and you are a bit stressed lately.


The stars reveal that raw foods (vegetables and fruits) will be very beneficial for you.

Avoid eating processed or canned foods, for they contain more sugar than you think.

Is your lifestyle too sedentary, Aries? Then try to exercise, even if it is at home in front of the tv or the computer. For example, try contracting the thighs, having them tight for several seconds and then relaxing, and repeating several times.

It's not much, but still better than nothing at all. Also, avoid using the lift and always choose stairs.