Aries Daily Horoscope
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It is not easy to live with your partner right now. You will have to fight against Uranus and Pluto's influences, and none of them are well-positioned in the Aries' sky.

What do you have to do? Don't focus on your partner's flaws or start remembering past situations.

Otherwise, your relationship can become a permanent settling of scores that can't do any good.

If you are single and waiting for your other half to appear, good news: you could go on a date soon. But don't think that if you aren't in a relationship your life is incomplete.

Actually, if you are single you have more time for yourself, and your mind dominates your heart. There is plenty of advantages.


You should definitely check your shopping list today. There are too many things that you don't really need and that you could easily prepare at home, like for example some processed food.

Be pragmatic and just buy the basic products that you really need. And of course, don't forget your shopping list home and stick to it.

Also, don't go to the supermarket with your stomach empty. Temptations are harder to control if you do so.

Avoid arguments at work, even if that means that you have to keep your dignity and your opinions for yourself.


Planet Mars is influencing favorably your energy, and your health will be at its best.

Your social life is very active, so try resting a little and being calm at home. Some reflection and meditation alone in silence could do you good.

Turn your TV off, for you watch it too much and is interfering in your resting and meditating.

It is true that we usually turn it on to have the feeling that we are not alone at home, but at the same time it prevents us from totally disconnecting.

Also, if you have a TV in your bedroom and leave it on while you sleep, your resting levels are worse.