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This Friday your relationship with your partner will not be at its best, Aries, and you may have unexpected problems.

Mercury is not taking care of your love matters, and seems to be more focused on pissing you off than in protecting you.

Today you will feel a bit misunderstood, as if you were an alien lost in the planet Earth. You are a foreigner in your own home

Don't worry, because it is not as if admiration and respect will be lost, but the connection with your partner will be deteriorated. 

Try not to drown, and don't hide your head in your shell like a scared turtle. Go out there and fight.

Those who are single will probably be disappointed by the person they dream of. Maybe you will go on a date that you expected with excitement and it won't go as well as you thought it would.


Your professional activities will be encouraged by positive impulses, according to the stars.

You will do your best at a very important project, even if you are a bit scared of it. This project is a bit different than what you usually do at work, that's why you are scared, but don't worry because you'll manage it perfectly well.

Likewise, some Arians will be favored in their transactions concerning patrimony, capital, and an inheritance. What else do you need?


According to the Magic Horoscope, you are probably so tired because you don't have a good, fixed schedule. 

It may be because of some family or work issues, but you are living your life at a pace that is not proper for you, so you underperform.

Every person has its own pace. Waking up and going to bed early is not valid for everybody.

Try to establish new duties and manage your time differently until you acquire the right schedule for you. Maybe you find out that in the afternoon you perform better in certain subjects you do in the morning or the other way around.

Your body has a biorhythm that needs to be heard, and that you do everything possible to keep it at its best.