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Aries Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Information is power, whether you let it be known, or you leave it out. On this Monday at the start of October, Magic Horoscope's cosmos recommend that you be silent.

Your cosmic predisposition is that you will tend to talk too much about matters of the heart, and also about your loved ones.

Revealing too much information about your loved ones could turn you into a traitor today since this could be the key to distrust's door.

Besides this piece of advice that the cosmos provides you with, there won't be any other news when it comes to love for this sign.

You can stay calm since no one will show up and try to throw your world off course (this is a strength that only you have!)


You'll have to pay close attention to your accounts and health right now since a new week and month are beginning.

Make calculations, estimate budgets and try to be a bit stricter than usual, be hard on yourself.

Because we all have the tendency to spend too much and later complain about this publicly, tricking ourselves a little (because we're not fooling anyone else).

Surely there are many ways to save that you hadn't thought about up until now or different methods of reducing your expenses that you don't even want to consider.

If you have to make a significant payment in order to do a household repair, don't hesitate to ask for second or even third opinions.

You work too hard earning your money to go around throwing it out the window!


Stubbornness is your biggest enemy when it comes to health, according to Aries' constellation today.

Is it in your hands to be healthier, but you don't take action?

Maybe by quitting a bad habit like smoking? Or maybe you don't let people take care of you like you should?

Life is hard enough as it is and there are already enough problems, so why cut your nose off to spite your face?

Be sure to keep a cell phone or computer close by so that you can communicate with whoever need be. This way, if there is some kind of setback, you'll be able to call for help.

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