Aries Daily Horoscope
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Magic Horoscope focuses your Saturday on your friendships. Love is not only related to our partner, but also to friends and family.

Is there anyone you love with whom you have been distant lately?

The Aries' sky promotes reencounters, reconciliations and the healing of wounds that used to hurt.

This astral flux could also help get closer those couples that have somehow broken their boundaries because of different life perspectives.

Opposite poles attract each other. Is there anything better than being with someone who offers you new realities?


The natives of Aries require that everything is perfectly organized this Saturday and that everything happens on time and neatly.

Today you can't stand delays and lame excuses, especially at work.

You are under Jupiter's protection. You should embrace the upcoming weekend with extrasensory beauty.

Feel free to ask for a salary raise or days off if you feel like you deserve it. This time you have high chances to win.


Freedom is a word that has been in your head lately. You want people to respect your personal space and your will to do whatever you want.

But are you as tolerant with other as you want them to be or are you being just mean?

If you start judging what others do, maybe you will get negative reactions from your loved ones.

This will only end up in sadness, angst and problems.