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Jupiter's influence will mess with Aries' love life today, and you're going to have to give a lot of explanations.

And not to your partner, but to people in your family or close friends, because there will appear little-known aspects of your way of loving and feeling.

Don't be ashamed to call things by their name, without fear, and explain what your current love situation is, where you are and where you are going.

You'll see how once this Tuesday is over you'll feel better without secrets.

Why are people interested in everyone else's life if you are doing no harm?


You have the facility to imagine new business, and a particular skill to carry it out successfully, at least so far.

However, Magic Horoscope recommends you to be careful. Don't try to get rich at the expense of all your acquaintances.

Don't squeeze people to try to make better profits, Aries. They may get sick of you if they think you only notice them when you need something from them.

Also, the cosmos warns you to watch out your belongings so that any of them gets lost, such as your wallet, for instance.


What is that food that you know is so good for your health, but that you don't include in your dietas much as you should just because you're a bit lazy?

Call it fish, fruit or whatever you like, but today you have to make an effort to eat it.

Remember that in order to have a healthy body (and mind) you need a nutritious diet, healthy and well-balanced.

Your knees (and all joints in general) could hurt today, but you don't have to worry about it.