Aries Daily Prediction for 20 October

Saturday’s Aries Forecast
Aries Daily Horoscope |

- Love
- Money
- Health


Today you are under good auspices, which is perfect because you don't feel like having any kind of problem during all weekend.

Your conjugal life will go back to being pleasant and harmonious. The Magic Horoscope guarantees that your love relationship is marked by complicity and enthusiasm — like the first time you fell in love.

However, beware of Mars' impact. This planet is not doing its best to please you, Aries. Some natives of this sign may get hit by Mars' bad intentions.

If you are single, the Sun's position suggests possible love interests. Some seem to be people that you already know.

Saturn makes you want to be in a steady relationship again. Currently, you don't wish to have quick love affairs that won't make your feelings go anywhere.


You are completely forbidden to wasting money, Aries. Your next salary is possibly delaying, so you need to be forward-looking.

You may be forced to change your plans in the professional field because of that unexpected delaying —it may be due to administrative problems.

What are you supposed to do? Well, first of all, try to take it with philosophy, not viscerally. Be more flexible —it will help you overcome difficulties and you won't damage anyone or anything with the consequences that it may have.


Prevention is your best ally to keep your health and wellbeing undamaged, and you know it.

Try not to be your own enemy, and take special care of colds.

If today you are more sedentary than usual, or you have a copious meal, think about what you could do tomorrow to compensate the bad effects and impact that it could have on you.

Your defenses may be lower today, and you can be more likely to get diseases or illnesses from the people around you.

This is because you don't have Mars' support this Saturday, which is the planet of energy and dynamism.