Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have too many duties —family, work, everything.

The Magic Horoscope recommends that you take some time for yourself. Spend the afternoon doing something your partner and you like.

And by "something you two like" we don't mean that you watch a movie on the couch while one of you is thinking about doing laundry and the other replies phone messages every ten minutes.

Plan something new, surprise your partner. This way you both will feel satisfied with your relationship and with each other.

Venus' complicity will bring joy to those Aries who are single, as long as they are charming.


The day will be balanced when it comes to your financial issues. It will have bad and good things.

Jupiter auspices influx of money that you actually weren't expecting to have now, maybe someone you know owes you money that you lend them.

On the other hand, Neptune is willing to sabotage your opportunities, your financial stability and your saving skills.

This planet will promote excessive, uncontrollable spending. You will have to be stronger than ever so that you can resist this strong temptation.


You will have negative feelings the whole day. You will tend to pessimism and that will make things go bad only because you think they can't go better.

Your health has been excellent lately thanks to the Sun's support. Make yourself a favor and get rid of your insecurities so that you can recover your dynamism and stronger defenses.

Natural herbs are your best friend today. Some of them, like hypericum, will even help your mood..