Aries Magic Horoscope for October 29

Daily Prediction for Monday
Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

- Love
- Money
- Health


Today you will feel like you can't express your feelings, Aries. You will be surrounded by taciturnity.

And not only with your partner in love, but also with your family and relatives, friends and whoever you feel affection for.

It's just one of these days when you can't find the meaning of life. You wonder if love is real or it's just fantasy.

You don't have to take rush decisions. Just take your time to meditate all you want. Also, understand that you have a dark veil in front of your eyes that prevent you from seeing reality the way it is.

There are things that are brighter than you see them, but also others that are actually that dark. Let the day flow and stick to your own conclusions.


Those Aries who are currently studying need to stay away from the bad habits that affect their concentration.

The Magic Horoscope foresees in the stars some elements that are trying to take you to the dark side, but you have to be strong (and you will, for Jupiter is sending you its powerful energy).

This is not only a message for those who are studying at university, but also for those who are preparing themselves for tests for whatever reason (maybe to get promoted at work).

Stablish your personal and domestic budgets. Otherwise, it could lead you to arguments and misunderstandings with your family.


The Magic Horoscope already told you that today you won't see clearly any aspect of your love life, and the same will happen with your health issues.

But we want to tell you that you are not as ill as you believe to be. There is nothing wrong with your body (that you don't know of).

Purify your environment with incense to push away bad vibes.

If you like doing meditation, today it will be beneficial for you to stay away from people. Listen to what happens within you.