Aries Magic Horoscope for October 4

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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Everyday life and routine may piss you off this Thursday according to the Magic Horoscope forecast.

Cupid is a bit clumsy today, and that may lead you and your partner to have some conflicts.

This is especially relevant for those couples that have been together for many years, sharing a home and even a family together.

Respect, patience and choosing the right words will help heal the situation so that things don't get worse.

If your partner has a mood that you can't figure out just let it go. Don't make it worse by saying the wrong thing, Aries, or you could open wounds that could take a while to heal.


You need to value your work and learn to put a price to it, no matter if your environment makes you feel like you are inferior.

Only you are aware of the effort you put into doing your work correctly, and that you are constantly trying to do your tasks better and carefully.

Don't be tempted by consumerism, especially technology items that you don't really need even though you might feel like you want them so bad.

There will certainly be more astral favorable circumstances. It is better to let it go by now, for the month has just started.


The firmament doesn't have any new alarming data concerning the Aries' health.

Today the stars suggest that you could try some alternative treatments such as Tibetan bowls massages or aromatherapy.

To sleep better at night, you could try to take a long walk at sunset or to go running on the beach, while you feel the cold water on your feet.

Quit snacking between meals and take care of your diet. You don't care enough about it, and you will end up regretting it.