Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Do you feel surrounded by an abyss when it comes to love issues, Aries?

This Friday Venus will smooth the way for your weekend to be happy and will help you reconnect with your partner if you two have been a bit distant lately.

Your marital life, therefore, will be very favorable, and your smile will be huge.

You need to understand that the present is more important than the future, and if you're single this should be your motto.

As a consequence, you may try to connect with ephemeral love affairs that won't get you anywhere. But who said that you need steadiness at this very moment? 


According to the Magic Horoscope, this 5th of October is the perfect day to make long-term investments if you are a native of Aries.

You may also find interesting to make a real estate transaction, either to buy or to sell; you will be fortunate.

On the other hand, you won't have a minute to lose at work. Time is gold!

Make the most of the opportunities that come to you and try to take measures to face certain risks and confrontations which Mars, the god of war, promotes.

And finally, you must know that reaching your goals faster does not imply that they will last more. It's better to act calmly and wisely.


The Aries' sky is strong and powerful, and the Jupiter impulses will be so full of energy that they will provide you with wings to fly wherever you want.

You will be in a great spiral of well-being, in which everything will seem to be organized as if by magic.

But it is not magic. It is the fruit of your hard work and of your patience, and the prize for doing things correctly for a long time, with brio and favoring your health.