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Magic Horoscope recommends that this Sunday you take it easy in your desires and demands when it comes to love issues. You take more than you give.

It is selfish to ask your partner for affection and niceties that you are not going to give back.

It wouldn't hurt if you were a little more devoted to your partner. Try to be the one who gives.

If you are single, the stars point out that you should be the one making first moves if you want to get to know someone.

You think love is going to find you, but you never consider that perhaps you should find it.


Jupiter foresees changes for Aries. You will realize that your accounts don't add up as they should. However, it's not too late to make things right and correct mistakes.

Maybe it's time for you to consider your possibilities of making money with some extra job. You could try to make the most of your skills, like handicraft or home repair, for instance.

You need to know that circumstances can change and that what you have now may lack tomorrow.

Therefore, try to change some habits and talk the people around you into acting likewise.


Since today it's Sunday, try to tidy up and clean the house!

You don't know the impact that mess can have on your mental health. That feeling won't help you disconnect in any way.

So, prepare your cleaning products and work on those areas of your home that you have neglected, perhaps the bathroom.

You'll feel peaceful inside when you are done and contemplate your clean as whistle home, smelling good and with everything in its right place.