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Aries Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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Born under Aries, you are a radical lover with a thirst for life, since natives of the ram want it all and quick.

The stars will bring your mind a third eye, an extra wisdom that will allow you to get rid of what is holding you back, both in love and the rest of your life.

So, it is a good day for breakups if you haven't been feeling brave lately. You'll be able to call attention to the person that is trying to seduce your partner, and generally, be able to do the things that tend to be more difficult.

Your energy will lead you to bring your physical relationship to the next level, although today your partner may not be as inclined to passion as you'd like, there is little that you can do in this respect.


All signs point to you being a bit nervous at work due to some unsettling cosmic impulses.

But your general feeling of organization and your inspirations (which are instilled in you by the Moon) will allow you to overcome obstacles without too many issues.

In spite of all of this, keep your feet on the ground: be punctual and motivated, and don't waste your time chatting unnecessarily with people that don't bring you anything.

Think that time is money constantly, and that you shouldn't let even one-second slip through your fingers, the same way that you wouldn't let any money fall on the ground.

Likewise, acquiring a philosophical and mature spirit could be more beneficial to your budget, because this would change the prism through which you see all things.


This Saturday, Magic Horoscope recommends that you choose to eat foods rich in chromium, a trace element that regulates blood sugar levels.

What foods contain this? Simple: cherries, mushrooms, whole grains, wheat germ, broccoli, green beans, potatoes... There are plenty of options to choose from!

Avoid headaches, but metaphorically speaking. Since today you'll have the dangerous tendency towards indiscreet thoughts and to talk at the wrong times.

With a little bit of wisdom, you will be able to discover how beautiful silence can be.

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