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Aries Daily Prediction for 25 September

Tuesday’s Aries Forecast
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The god of War, Mercury, intends to flip Aries world upside down in love this Tuesday.

If you're in a relationship you can stay calm for the time being; because the cosmic configuration points to a person from your past trying to win you over.

Is there an ex of yours that you still maintain a somewhat cordial relationship with, and with whom there is still some amount of unresolved sexual tension?

Because it seems like this could create problems and this friendliness could be ruined by rumors that could come from Pandora's box and everything will go downhill from there.

You'll feel bad when you get it on, and on top of this, your impulses won't help you when it comes to turning them down.


Visualize a goal in your mind, Aries: to do everything possible to become more prestigious in the professional and business realm.

You need to improve your personal brand if you want to continue to climb up higher in the professional world, and today you'll understand that you need to know how to sell yourself well.

Keep working, and if it's in a team, even better, because the synergy that you transmit to one another will guarantee that you'll make it to the top and go far.

When it comes down exclusively to money, you shouldn't complain much either, isn't this true?

The cosmos indicate that natives of Aries should just be careful not to rush decisions when it comes to monetary investments.

Sometimes you'll lose the game and end up on a one-way journey where the seats aren't very comfortable along the way.

Take the advice of wise people and everything will be fine, within certain limits.


Why do you push yourself to tell everyone that your health is better than it really is?

Don't you realize that this makes you anxious!

If you have an illness or a virus, or even something more serious, call things by their name!

Maybe you do this so that no one will single you out or feel bad for you, but this way of hiding the truth ends up causing you some real headaches.

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