SeptemberHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: A month that's far from monotonous

This ninth month of the year starts for native Aries with a higher tendency to support those that need it, whether this means family members, friends, or their partner.

This won't be a monotonous period, marked solely by happiness or sadness; there will be fluctuation when it comes to moods, surprises in the best and worst forms, as well as days where the cosmos will put a smile on your face that no one will be able to wash away.

The rumors that you get wind of won't necessarily be true, don't believe the first thing that you hear; always give people the benefit of the doubt, since no one knows the absolute truth.

At the end of the month, the planet Saturn will strongly influence your sign and you'll be blessed with extra courage that will help you to resolve conflicts and little problems in your relationship if you detect any, that is.

Money: Your curiosity will take you far

Level-headedness and wisdom will accompany you throughout the first days of the month in your economic situation, but you shouldn't go around thinking that everything is rosy either.

Your instinct and a flood of new ideas and curiosity will bring you to take firm steps to strengthen your professional status, especially if you've been walking a tightrope and thought that you were in danger of losing your job.

You could be the victim of unfair play, both in the workplace as well as in financial matters (loans, payments...) but it is important that you know that you can't take justice into your own hands at any time.

And one more thing: Magic Horoscope indicates that you shouldn't let embarrassment keep you from claiming money that is rightly yours, so don't hesitate to ask those who owe you money to settle their debts with you.

Health: Beware of sleep problems

If there is any health problem that will stand out from the rest this September, this will be problems getting rest and sleep.

You know that you aren't getting the amount of rest that you should be, and you are somewhat out of control when it comes to your bedtime.

Fixing this matter is in your own hands, and doing this will make you more productive at work as well (and if you eat well, you'll nail this!).

Getting in touch with nature, walking in the woods, bathing in the sea, and other similar activities will improve your health greatly.