Aries horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


If you're married, it is imperative that this Sunday you find quality time for your partner and yourself, with no kids or other relatives walking around.

You'll come to find tenderness and connection quickly, even if you thought that those emotions had slowly faded away as of lately.

You'll analyse how different it is to start a relationship with each member involved living in their own home, and how everything gets more complex over time with co-habitation, making a bigger family, and the need to keep your finances straight.

If you're single, you'll choose to play the cautious game; you feel like the person for which you've got a strong feeling right now has a mask to trick you, or to pretend to be what they're not. You'll run away from long-term commitment. However, you'll know how to enjoy the sweet moments of life, Aries; experiencing trickery doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to sweeten up your life.

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You overcome most of your obstacles successfully; as far as your field of expertise goes, your persistence and courage will allow you to dodge conflict and to make the most of good chances, no matter how small or trivial they seem.

The Magic Horoscope predicts you'll be experiencing intellectual and artistic success, but as an Aries native out there, you've got a quota of professional success on your skies that needs some filling.

Try not to let yourself go with impulse; you're ready to party and have fun, and still, your money could slide down the drain. You're better off devoting most of your time to handling your material goods.


Thanks to the good influence of Venus, your physical state will improve and you'll be more toned muscle-wise; you'll do anything you can to stay active because a sedentary lifestyle is your biggest threat.

Also, you'll change the way you perceive certain issues; you'll enjoy a great sense of psychological balance that will help you to give things their rightful degree of importance, no more, no less.