Are you sure you didn't accidentally cast a spell to awaken the ghosts in your life? Someone you thought was gone for good and far away is slowly creeping back, trying to find some room in your life and take over your heart.

You felt that love story was more than done for and buried away, but now you'll feel like there's some butterflies fluttering back into your belly. When there's smoke, there's fire.

However, you're well aware that giving them another chance won't bring anything good into your life, because you'll make the same mistakes you made the first time. And you're definitely not in need of another friend.

If you're thinking about having a baby, today you could unleash your inner passion with your partner, because Venus has given today a flair or fertility.

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Aries, have you even noticed just how many commitments you've got this year, like weddings, baptisms, Communions...? You'll see there's too many to bear with, and for each and every one of them, you need to get a present for which you might not have enough money.

Squeeze up a little bit and make sure you save money from today onwards, even more so if you're thinking about the holidays you want to get! The lax attitude you used to have as far as your finances go will blow out of the roof this Monday.

It's absolutely fine to turn down some of those invitations, of course, but do it with enough time so that the host can rearrange events in a different way.


You have to admit to some past mistakes that involve giving you an extra psychological load you don't need. You've become a very self-reliant individual who would rather not share their daily drama to avoid annoying everyone else and to top it off, you're too hard on yourself.

Try to change this if you can, because that sense of self-reliance gets you away from everyone else; your loved ones won't want to share their stories when they see you don't do it in the first place.