The weekend is just around the corner, about to kick in, and you're waking up to an amazing sense of humour, Aries. However, you should keep in mind that perhaps the people around you don't exactly feel the same way as far as what you find funny.

Be extra cautious to your partner; your jokes could create the opposite effect to what you want, and they'll get mad at you. If you see that there are no smiles coming up, you're better off leaving through the back and pretending like nothing's happened.

Some dirty laundry from your past will become fresh, especially as far as singles are concerned. Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend could take out the hatchet and make an open call to war.

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You're becoming pretty objective with your finances, and openly admit that you've gone a bit too far with expenses as of lately. You're extremely aware that you buy and spend too much, and you're wasting energy while you're at it.

This Friday, try to make sure you help make a better world by using public transport instead of your car and turning off any lights around the house you don't need to use. You're still on time to patch up the cracks and holes in your finances.

Are you investing money into several businesses, then you should limit whatever risks you're part of before the situation becomes too severe for comfort.


You're turning out to be very jealous as far as health is concerned. While some people around you almost seem to brag about their illnesses or ailments, you'll be quiet as a mouse about the things that aren't going too well.

However, when something serious does arise, you should open up and at least let your partner and family know.

Under a general scope, you're in for a calm Friday, and your energy will run through a constant flow. So just follow the pace that your body dictates, and get ready to enjoy.