Aries Horoscope Tuesday
Your Aries Horoscope for Tuesday | Magic Horoscope


It's hard for you to admit you're not right, and even more so to think your partner is, even if they have the absolute truth! The stars will make you quite the stubborn individual this Tuesday, Aries. You'll be fully convinced you're the sole bringer of truth, and you won't give in an inch.

Your partner doesn't deserve that attitude from you; make some serious efforts to avoid having the last word or finding excuses under rocks and sleeves when you're proven wrong. If you don't make changes now, you could seriously harm their self-esteem. Be cautious.

If you're single, your ego will be pretty high, and it'll be hard for you to accept the requests and proposals from your dates. You see the rest of the world like unmatched rivals, no matter how much you truly want good company deep down.

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Your finances are starting to crumble because of an unexpected commitment. You'll find yourself between a rock and a hard place when having to attend an event that entails serious spending: a wedding of a close person to whom you have to gift something nice, a trip with friends you can't find yourself declining...

There's two choices ahead of you: expressing your posture here and now and saying you can't join in, or designing a penny-saving strategy and seeing how to take your spending down a notch little by little.

For your daily small grocery shopping, visit different stores to find out which items fit your needs the most in terms of quality and price.


Your neck could give you serious trouble today, so try not to make sudden moves, and don't take part in activities where you might force it into moving around. If the pain's been there a while, ask for an appointment with a physiotherapist so that you can get checked and assessed.

Do you like the colour blue? Colour therapy points out that, if you dress in shades of this colour, you'll get a boost in strength and attract good vibes. Besides, it's a colour connected to friendship and loyalty.