Your past isn't as gone as you thought; the stars can see a door opening up, making room for the dirty laundry of yesterday when you used to live life under a free spirit (perhaps irresponsible as well?).

At a first glance, you'll choose to show everyone around you that those days are gone, but you'll be better off acting the way you always do, for the best (and worst).

If you're a single Aries you shouldn't worry too much about your soon-to-be partners finding out about your previous lifestyle. In fact, thanks to those experiences you're now a perfectly complete and decent individual.

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Money moves around your closest acquaintances, and you might be surprised to see that some of those friends who used to complain about having to take their expenses down a few notches now brag about their money a little too much.

If you do the right research you'll see that they're involved in slightly peculiar affairs, where they allegedly make tons of money but do things outside of the law. Decline any proposal to join that dark side.

Your very own experience has already taught you that the only way to make money is by sweating it out and working hard; you can't reap rewards and earnings the same way a farmer picks their fruit.


Tiredness will become apparent on your face, but you could cover it up with some home remedies; a cheap, popular choice is to place some raw potato slices on your eyes, or mash them up and extend the paste all around your face like a mask.

Your vibrations will be pretty positive, in other news, and you'll make the very most of your gym training sessions. Of course, keep in mind that you should always warm up first and do some stretches, in order to avoid prospective injuries from happening in the future.