This Saturday you should unleash your passion; admit to the fact that your sex life is taking the backseat, and this is not only going against you, but also against your relationship (which, if you remember, you didn't build up from scratch on your own).

You should encourage a free, open conversation where you can find out together how to make intimate moments more intense, something that gets increasingly harder as years go by (even more so if there are kids around).

Be open about your fantasies, Aries; encourage your other half to let their imagination fly, and forget about any kind of fear or doubt.

You're much better off ignoring rumours and gossip, especially if you're still single. You're about to hear something completely untrue about the person you like.

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You need to be bolder and more decisive. You've got the idea of asking for a raise in mind, but you never dare to tell your manager you need a word and to firmly make your request. Throw all the cards upon the table, because the Magic Horoscope will give you a serious boost to achieve your goals.

You might not have to work this Saturday, but you should start preparing your speech for Monday. You know you deserve it, so go ahead, be bold and ask!

For these situations, it is usually customary to talk to your managers a few hours after you've started your shift, just so that they see you're a very valuable asset to the company, and to make them realise they need to learn how to put a price on your talent.


Your life can be dark in some corners, but at the end of the tunnel there's always a shred of light. The stars will provide you with an extremely positive spirit to throw a beam of light into darkness.

If you find yourself struggling to smile, bring about some laughter with that movie or viral video that gives you a laughing fit. Or you could go to the movies as well and enjoy the latest comedy flicks!