Aries Horoscope Wednesday
Your Aries Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


Aries, you're in for love at first sight! Its powerful boost will hit you hard this Wednesday, regardless of your age or whatever hopes and dreams you've placed into love.

If you're single, you'll think about doing something crazy to claim to the world how Cupid has struck you with his arrow of love; however, the cautious and wisest thing would be to wait a little before you consider the wedding. You could soon regret your bet if you're too quick.

As a couple, you'll choose to make peace after experiencing some adjustments. Your married life could take on a road of spectacular recovery just by doing a little work on your part. Building up resentment inside you is a good-for-nothing choice (nothing that's ultimately good, of course).

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This Wednesday's a great day to carry out discussions and debates on your finances (and investments as well if you're involved in them). Think about the last few pieces of advice you got, and follow suit. There's some good choices ahead of you right now, and with proper guidance, they could eventually lead to a lot of cash.

On the other hand, don't hesitate to fix your home if it demands changes. Do it, but don't empty out the bank in the process.

Examine the services of different experts and find out how much money each of them is asking; and if the to-do list isn't too hard to handle, you could do the home makeover yourself.


You're under the mercy of a serious gathering of planetary influences that will make it pretty hard to define and follow your health goals. In that sense, there could be some ailments coming up for your digestive or circulation metabolism.

You'll be demanding and fall in love with perfection, but you could also lose track of where you are and not see clearly where you're going.

Make some extra room for improv if you can, because Uranus could be setting out stones over your path that will escape your grasp, which might ruin all your intentions.