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This Monday, you're in for a bit of a harsh day; there might be some issues and clashes not only with your family, but your partner as well.

You need to control your subconscious because it often gets you agitated, and it makes you believe that whatever's going on in your imagination is your true, actual reality. Jealousy will be an especially hurtful weapon, so don't let it take over you.

If you're single, you'll be more skilled than usual at improving your looks and working on your personality. To win hearts over, the most important thing is to always be honest. It won't make sense to pretend you like certain things to connect with someone else if you can't keep up the ruse forever.


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Aries, if you need an investment to back up your professional, solid and specifically-aimed projects, today's the right day to go find investors. There'll be no obstacles blocking your path. Take the chance and seize the day, there might not be another one coming any soon.

The doors will open up before you if you need help. Go ahead and take that hand; don't waste your time on useless questions.

You'll be a bit over-sensitive at work, but forget the anger and the foul mood or you'll amass quite a bunch of enemies. What you're interested in is making allies, and in order to do that you need a different behaviour, bordering on philosophical. It's hard, but definitely not impossible.


Arguments make you slightly stressed, and to avoid filling up your mind with malicious vibes, take a step back. You can always avoid conflict. The best way to lose some pressure is to see it in perspective, and to know that you don't always need to say the last word.

You might feel slightly bloated, and if that's the case, try having some horsetail tea, or other herbal teas with diuretic properties. You could also bring into your diet several foods that fight fluid retention, the most famous of which is pineapple.