You'll become a pretty indecisive individual this Wednesday, Aries; you'll ask yourself an endless round of questions before making a confident step forward, and you don't know for sure how far your heart and mind are willing to fight in regards to your love life.

That constantly present doubt might even give you headaches in the end. When it comes to your life in a relationship, you feel your partner's acting funny and sometimes try to find out what's going on, to then back off and look elsewhere.

Life teaches you to stop dreaming with fairytales; stop daydreaming about impossible love stories and think about the people close to you, because anyone could eventually make you truly, greatly happy.

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You'll become highly interested in a field of expertise that's taking a growing trend, and you'll consider getting extra training to find new market niche sections. However, think about how well it actually fits your true calling, and don't get training just because.

Those of you living life on a bolder side are considering to invest in real estate, but you should let an expert help you out first. If you let yourself go with your personal preferences, with no objective data at hand, you could be messing up all the way.

As far as your home life goes, you'll have to stay strong and firm with your budget; your kids will try to make you agree to get them unnecessary and extremely expensive things. There could be arguments brewing and boiling in the near future but don't give in at all.


Today you'll be seriously concerned with how fast time goes by, and you'll consider making some investments in wellness techniques. Some of you will think about purchasing a device to walk more or bike at home, but use it every day, or you'll have wasted your money!

You're still on time to fulfil the resolutions you set by the end of the now-gone 2019, all you have to do is bring your active warrior's side.

Having red or green tea will be the best solution you can follow to fight fluid retention.