Aries, for a long time you've relied on no one but yourself, both in life and love. You've been so independent that sometimes it's hard for you to settle down when someone new walks into your life, even when they're fully intent on finding a home in your heart.

You need to learn how to give love and receive it as well because you've got the feeling you're not used to the latter.

This Sunday, try to have a closer bond with your relatives because someone younger than you would like to tell you about an issue and ask for your advice or share a personal achievement. It's extremely important for you not to judge them or be ironic.

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It's time to change your career and professional life if you feel trapped between the four walls of your office cubicle. Don't forget that there are thousands of companies out there where you could fit in just fine.

Keep your CV updated and start considering taking up training courses that keep your knowledge up to date too, especially as far as languages or computer-related skills are concerned.

Do you have to work today? You're in for a rocky road ahead, just when you felt like having a routine-based working day. You won't be that lucky, unfortunately.


There are too many sources of information looming around you, especially when the topics at hand are health and wellness. Friends who tell you what you should and shouldn't eat, Internet listings of products that are supposedly the worst you can have, foreign-born fruits with nearly-magical properties...

Right now, your mind's a whole mess and it's hard to choose what to throw into your trolley and what to keep away. Ask experts in nutrition for their advice, instead of just listening to whoever comes first (or seems the most interesting to you).

Some of your life circumstances are proving to be overwhelming, and you break down more often than not. You need an outlet, an escape route, and you don't know where to head. Focus on your favourite pastimes and get your mind flowing through distraction.