Aries Horoscope Thursday
Your Aries Horoscope for Thursday | Magic Horoscope


Aries, the stars are telling you to be more respectful towards your partner; you're meddling too much into their privacy and don't let them stroll around their own secret gardens and spots. Change the tone in your questions, avoid being excessively rude, and don't try to control every minute of their waking hours, trying to find out where they are and with whom.

It looks like you're longing for them to fail, to fall into the trap of contradiction, so that you're allowed to start a fight. Did you forget why they chose you and not anybody else to share their life?

And if you're single, you're not free from the grasp of ghosts either; tie your imagination down, because you're starting to seriously hurt yourself.



You're going to attract money quite a lot, in the most literal sense of the word. You'll bump into some money you didn't remember you had put away in a jacket or pants' pockets, or it might even happen in the street.

If the money is truly yours (because it isn't legal to keep the money that someone else lost) think about the best way to spend it. How about surprising your family by getting them a trip to the movies?

As far as work is concerned, you'll be better off becoming a little cheekier than usual, able to ask for a raise when the best conditions come along, or claiming your own name as a candidate for a promotion that's at stake right now.


In order to improve your health, you can go to the doctor and get several prescriptions, of course, but you need to do some work yourself.

You should follow whatever orders you get to the T, and don't do things that go against your wellness, like keeping up a sedentary lifestyle, or not quitting bad habits.

During this Thursday you'll feel strong enough to change these behaviours, and little by little you'll start feeling better, and your ailments will fade.