You'll know how to use silences wisely whenever you need to let your partner know about something; whenever you're upset about your relationship in any way, instead of complaining, you'll just be quiet. It'll be a way to express your disapproval about how things are going without having to argue.

You feel you aren't getting all the support you need to sort out some issues at home, partly because you're not the only one to blame.

If you're single, you should measure your current falling-in-love strategy better, because the attitude you're keeping up is completely different from what you truly are inside.

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Aries, ignore any incoming rumours or poisoned darts that you see flying around you at work; forget about any workmates who do nothing but put stones to block other people's paths, and focus your energy and vibrations into having good connections with managers and other people who are higher than you in the career ladder.

That's a good way to make yourself more present in their books so that they can remember you whenever there are promotions or raises coming up.

And if you have to buy new appliances for the house, don't just look at the price tag; take a closer look at how they're doing as far as energy efficiency goes as well, because it could be a real relief for upcoming power bills.


You're an absolute, disastrous mess as far as schedules go lately; you wake up almost when you have to head out the door, and sometimes, you even leave the house without breakfast, something that doesn't benefit your wellness at all.

Sometimes, there could be food items in your breakfast that don't feel good when you've had them, but if you take a closer look you'll find out why they upset your stomach; for instance, if you have pastries when you haven't had anything else beforehand, there are high chances of your stomach getting sore.

Also, forget about having juice, no matter if it's natural or industrial; fresh fruit is much more of an interesting bet when it comes to healthy beverages.