A brand new week is beginning, and you're about to get all your inner feelings going. Those of you who have been on a long-term relationship will want to add some spice into your daily life, but you need a dose of inspiration to play your cards wisely.

Why not take a good look behind into some of your happiest (or iconic) moments, and try to re-do them, Aries?

For instance, plan a home date with some wine and those items that allegedly awaken your libido, like seafood. Then, cuddle on the couch and play the first movie you went to see together.

If you're single, your love interest could share some unexpected information with you. Now, you'll need to make some adjustments in your inner puzzles before you throw your cards upon the table once again.

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You need to find a new budgeting path. You should also instil into your family a better appreciation for money, and make your kids understand that it doesn't grow on trees and that you can't always get them what they want.

As far as work goes, you're about to be entrusted with the leadership of a project that fits your personality just fine. However, don't be too cocky when handling it around, or some jealous colleagues could loom and eventually pounce on you to give you the proper adjustments.


You're not at the best time of your life, but you aren't that worried anyway. You'll wake up to a great mood, and you'll devote part of your efforts into finding solutions, instead of complaining about your misery.

You could even make some close friends or relatives that were sad and down in the dumps keep a smile on their face once again, and that is more than priceless.

Some of you could experience a sore throat, but it won't be anything too serious. Have some warm milk and honey, and you'll feel instant relief!