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Aries, you would sell your soul to the devil just to become invisible. There's a lot of fishy situations going on in your mind, you don't know at what stage is your relationship right now, and to top it all off, you're not really looking for solutions to work things out.

You'll try to go by unnoticed, you'll avoid the slightest signs of fighting, but you won't be ambushed by a wave of passion that encourages you to publicly show your affection either. It could even be said that, if someone punctured you, you wouldn't even bleed.

The truth is you can afford a lonely day off every now and then, but don't make a habit out of it; otherwise, loneliness will call upon your door and make a home out of your bedroom.


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Regarding money, you'll be a miracle maker, stretching out your resources in the most marvelous way possible. With very little in your hands, you'll cover all the basic family needs in the blink of an eye.

Just to avoid having to rush around later, start planning your Christmas shopping. Choose who's getting what, and the budget allotted for each present.

If you're a big family, perhaps the best choice is to play Secret Santa, or if not, making unisex presents that are good both for the ladies and the gents, which can get drawn out of a raffle later. This could be really fun if you feel up to it!


It's important for you to take good care of your diet, not just because you're afraid of gaining weight. There's some foods that could be harsh on your stomach, so if you want to avoid heavy digesting today, choose a soft diet. And watch your spice!

Going beyond your digestive system now, things are looking quite bright, so you can rest assured everything's alright.

The Magic Horoscope points out to good vibes coming in; you'll manage to easily follow your duties, and your sleep will be nice and deep. If insomnia comes home tonight, prepare a nice big mug of alpine lime or valerian.